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Metro-North Harlem Line Schedule
New York City commuters can either travel via Katonah, Goldens Bridge or Purdys train stations. Katonah, while offering the shortest train ride, is often inconvenient for parking, but the HART shuttle operates from Main Street to the Katonah train station daily. Goldens Bridge, one stop north of Katonah, offers ample parking and is also frequented by Ridgefield commuters. For people living in the north end of the town, Purdys train station, off Route 116, is another good option. Ticket machines are available and the fare to GCT from both stations is $11.50 one-way peak, $8.75 one-way off-peak, $251 monthly. Parking at Katonah and Goldens Bridge is handled by Allright Corp at 888-682-PARK.
Metro-North New Haven Schedule
You can also choose to use the Branchville train station off Route 7 in Ridgefield, located about five minutes down Branchville Road from the center of town. There are no ticket machines. The fare to GCT is $14.25 one-way peak, $10.75 one-way off-peak, $308 monthly. Parking is handled by the Town of Ridgefield (203-431-2700). There is a wheelchair ramp to the platform. The station is served by Westport Star Taxi (227-3063). Call in advance.
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